Monday, September 7, 2009

G-FAN Magazine #23 "G is for Gamera"

Issue 23 hearkens back to an exciting time for kaiju fans; GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) had yet to be released, and Western fans were receiving word that Gamera 2 met or exceeded expectations raised by Guardian of the Universe. For that latter reason, Gamera dominates this issue--Ed Godziszewski, Norman England, Hikari Takeda, and Kyle Smith each offer their reactions to Gamera vs. Legion, and the consensus is that the film is incredible.

Skip Peel's "A Conversation with Zigra" is imaginative, humorous fan fiction of the highest order. Frank Parr's pen and ink drawings are striking, especially the centerspread "Gamera Battle Royal." "The Other Side of Toho" by John Rocco Roberto is an overview of Toho's non-G sci-fi and fantasy films (many of which are now widely available). Stan Hyde writes an insider's guide to "Building Godzilla in Resin and Vinyl" that could almost persuade the modeling newbie to take the leap. J.D. Lees reviews the Random House wave of books that preceded the TriStar movie, and G-CON 96 is reviewed in pictures.
I especially enjoyed the variety of opinions expressed in the eleven-page G-Mail section (interspersed with outstanding fan artwork) and the "old school" toy and collectible advertisements. It is very interesting to compare them with what is being offered thirteen years later.
Issue 23 hits all of the spots one expects G-FAN to hit. It also makes one long for the sense of anticipation related to an imminent theatrical kaiju eiga release. It comes through in the Gamera 2 articles--that "I can't wait to see that movie" sensation--so here's hoping that some slumbering daikaiju will soon awake to rampage across the silver screen once again!

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