Tuesday, March 8, 2011

G-FEST XVIII Guests Announced

G-FEST XVIII is coming into focus! This year's special guests were announced today on G-FAN's website. The guest of honor is Shinji Higuchi, the special effects mastermind behind the Gamera revival of the 1990s. Here's hoping that one or more of the films from the trilogy will be screened at the Pickwick! For more info go to www.g-fan.com


  1. Wow ,Shinji Higuchi san there finally!
    Great! And also my friend Sagae too.
    Sounds good.
    I'm Ryuki Kitaoka who took part in as guest on G-fest2000Hollywood.
    It was really happy for me.
    If I have chance ,I wanna go again!

  2. Cool! Thanks for your comments!