Wednesday, July 20, 2011

G-FEST 18: All Kaiju, All the Time

Another G-FEST has come and gone. I wasn't sure how last year's show could be topped, but it any rate, it will be fun to relive the experience here on the blog.

Three years ago we made it to our first G-FEST. We were rookies, and didn't know anyone else in attendance. This year we were truly among friends, which makes for a richer experience all around. So come along with us as we share virtual postcards from G-FEST 18, which promised "All Kaiju, All the Time," and did not disappoint!


  1. I had a great time as well. This was my fifth straight G-Fest, however the first with my 9 month old daughter. I am more appreciative now that it is such a family friendly event. The volunteers do a great job!

  2. Yes, they do, and I think there are more and more families coming to the Fest...a good sign!