Friday, September 2, 2011

Now Playing: Gamera the Brave

We're screening "Gamera the Brave" today in Monsterland HQ, and are having a great time. In many ways, this is the perfect "kid's kaiju" movie, as it deals with raising a baby Gamera from the moment it hatches from the egg!

The special effects are exceptional and the story is straighforward and heartfelt. I suppose some might object to the cuteness of the heroic creature, but within the parameters of the story, it just works. The relationship between Toru and Toto/Gamera adds a new layer to the "friend of children" theme, since Toru actually saves Gamera's life early in the film!

A new villainous monster is introduced in "Gamera the Brave," a frilled lizard named Zedus, who has some effective, menacing scenes, like when he tail-whips Gamera into a high rise, then scales the building to finish the job with a hideous tongue-lashing.

"Gamera the Brave" is a winsome meditation on grief, friendship, and the powerful love that children have for their pets, starring a giant flying turtle. If you can read that sentence without rolling your eyes, you owe it to yourself to see this feel-good kaiju film!

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