Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Godzilla @ WDW

Late last month, we packed up and headed south for Andy's first trip to Disney World. While I knew there was a chance of spotting some kaiju-related merch at EPCOT's Japan, my hopes were not high.

I was surprised, then, to discover both S. H. Monster Arts Godzilla and Mechagodzilla for sale, along with at least four varieties of T-shirt and sweatshirt designs. The items were Disney World priced--the going rate for T-shirts was $27.50. (Yet another reason to save your change for the G-FEST dealers room.)

There was also a wide variety of Studio Ghibli souvenirs, including the first Ponyo plush we've seen in person. Once again, cute, but pricey.

Whether or not this is the closest we'll ever get to the real Japan remains to be seen. The illusion was pretty cool--well done, Imagineers!


  1. Cheaper here!
    We wants it...we needs it...my precioussss....

  2. That's exactly what ended up happening. I was able to convince my son that $30 off the WDW price was worth waiting a week for!