Friday, May 22, 2015

Scenes from the OBC

Bob Gimlin addresses the hushed crowd.

"Minerva Monster" merchandise table

"Into the Fray Radio" host Shannon LeGro and Andy

8 foot tall Sasquatch replica

The SasWhat crew interviews Dr. David Floyd (center) 

Bob Gimlin meets the co-hosts of MORadio 

With Loren Coleman and (big) friend

Monster Artist Matt Harris with Seth Breedlove, Director of "Minerva Monster" and Host of "SasWhat: a podcast about Bigfoot"

With Ronnie Breedlove under the SasWhat banner

The production team of "Minerva Monster" (l. to r.) Brandon Dalo, Seth B., Nathan Newcomer, Jesse Morgan, Alan Megargle

The world premiere of "Minerva Monster"


  1. That was a fantastic weekend, and it was great to see you two, Mark and Andy, once again. Thank you for taking the time for a little chat and picture-taking, during our busy and hectic two days!

    1. Likewise, Loren. We were very glad you could make it back to Ohio. Thanks for bringing the work of Tom Page to light!