Sunday, April 25, 2010

G-Mazing Collection On Display In G-FAN #91

It was a real thrill to share Andy's G-Mazing Exhibit with the readers of G-FAN. Here Andy and I take a moment to enjoy the display.

Another shot of the full display case--it was fun to loiter around and watch people's reactions to it. We could tell it brought back pleasant memories for some folks.

The most time consuming part of the project (yet also the most fun) was deciding what artwork and which G-FAN covers to use. In the end, we chose all of our favorites and drew these at random from the pile. We had just as many left over as we used for the display. The effect was better than we had hoped, and the artwork would've made a fantastic exhibit in its own right.

Among the notable figures in this shot are the G-FEST exclusive Gabara (important to us for personal reasons) and the Bandai Minya, purchased at G-FEST 16.
Thanks once again to Kara Cervelli, Matt Evangelista (Kaiju Modeler), J. D. Lees, Sue Matzke and everyone who came to see the G-Mazing Collection at the Perry Public Library.

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