Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kaiju Sighting: 2K Sports' "The Bigs 2"

We're not hardcore gamers, but we do enjoy our Wii now and then, as previous posts have indicated. Godzilla: Unleashed has gotten a lot of play around here, for obvious reasons. But we never expected to encounter a giant monster in our baseball game!

2K Sport's "The Bigs 2" has a "Home Run Pinball" fantasy game in which you can hit home runs in the middle of the streets of various cities around the world. When we saw Tokyo was an option, we were all over it. As Andy started knocking down billboards with home run shots, the profile of a purple people-eater became clear, much to our shock and delight! After much fiddling, Andy was able to brain the creature with a "Big Blast" homer, causing the monster to swivel back and forth and appear to roar. I guess you never know where kaiju are hiding!

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