Tuesday, February 14, 2012

G-FAN # 98: Memory & Anticipation

These are great times to be a Godzilla fan.

Last week, G-FEST's special guests were revealed, and my expectations were exceeded yet again. Then over the weekend we received the latest G-FAN--issue # 98--and were taken right back to our experience with last year's guests, as we were given the opportunity to spend time with them in downtown Chicago.

The joys and challenges of everyday life can sometimes produce "tunnel vision." Re-reading the article I had submitted and seeing the pictures all together brought back the unique excitement of that day in vivid detail--not that I had forgotten the events, but I had shelved them for a time. Moreover, it gave our family another chance to ask the question, "Did that really happen to us?" Knowing the answer is "Yes, it did" is like a big, happy secret that the three of us will always share--and the remembrance of that secret can transform a humdrum day into something better.

There is lots of great stuff in G-FAN # 98, including another edition of "G-FAN Junior," a concept I heartily endorse and enjoy greatly. I can't wait for the chance to sit back and savor it. These are indeed great times to be a Godzilla fan, with unprecedented access to material and unparalleled opportunities to connect with those who have created the films themselves. That there is a community of like-minded fans to share it all with is the icing on the cake.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big G-FEST News

The news has just been released via Facebook that this year's Guests of Honor are Mr. Akira Takarada, who delighted the fans two years ago, and Mr. Bin Furuya, the man inside the original Ultraman suit. What a titanic twosome! No one who met Mr. Takarada could forget his warmth and enthusiasm, and word is that Mr. Furuya has a similar knack for connecting with Western fans. The countdown to G-FEST begins in earnest tonight!

With Mr. Takarada at the G-FEST Awards Luncheon

Re-live the fun with us by clicking here.

Godzilla @ WDW

Late last month, we packed up and headed south for Andy's first trip to Disney World. While I knew there was a chance of spotting some kaiju-related merch at EPCOT's Japan, my hopes were not high.

I was surprised, then, to discover both S. H. Monster Arts Godzilla and Mechagodzilla for sale, along with at least four varieties of T-shirt and sweatshirt designs. The items were Disney World priced--the going rate for T-shirts was $27.50. (Yet another reason to save your change for the G-FEST dealers room.)

There was also a wide variety of Studio Ghibli souvenirs, including the first Ponyo plush we've seen in person. Once again, cute, but pricey.

Whether or not this is the closest we'll ever get to the real Japan remains to be seen. The illusion was pretty cool--well done, Imagineers!