Thursday, July 27, 2017

The State of Monsterland Ohio Radio

Today marks the third anniversary of our humble little podcast, "Monsterland Ohio Radio." The blog has been around a lot longer--almost nine years--but the actual blogging has slowed to a tiny trickle in favor of the podcast format. There are a couple reasons for that; the main one being that it was a fairly easy way for Andy and I to contribute content together.

I have my friend Seth to thank for getting us/me into podcasting in the first place. Getting to know him helped me to realize that this was a very do-able hobby, and he encouraged me along the way. I've always loved making audio recordings. My first cassette recorder was a red, plastic, portable job. As a very little kid, I would take it on vacation and narrate the trip. I still have one of those tapes. I suppose that podcasting is simply an extension of all that.

The show has inadvertently become a time capsule of Andy's transition from childhood to young adulthood. Depending on the day, I find it amusing, or heartbreaking, to listen to those early episodes, as time passes so quickly. I'm grateful that he still seems to enjoy giant monsters and unexplained mysteries. Having my dad come on the show as the unofficial third co-host adds another layer to the proceedings. It's a record of something very special to me.

Our involvement with SasWhat: A Show About Bigfoot and Small Town Monsters productions has created a progression of events that we sometimes find hard to believe. It has taken us from watching monster movies to helping make monster movies. Both of us had a hand in the upcoming documentary "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge," which will be released in October of this year. But we will always be fans first, and so Monsterland Ohio Radio will continue to catalogue our favorite things. If you've listened to the show, we thank you. If you've written to us, we really thank you. Hopefully we've given you a few smiles along the way, or pointed you in the direction of a new show to watch. Whatever your "toybox of life" happens to be, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making this for you.

Episode 44: Monster Bash Recap