Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A True Living Legend

Since I was about six years old, I've been familiar with the name Bob Gimlin. This traces back to my voracious reading on the subject matter of Bigfoot. Beginning with Marian T. Place's "On the Track of Bigfoot," I've become fairly well versed in the story and controversy surrounding the "Patterson/Gimlin" film, which shows an apparently female sasquatch walking briskly along Bluff Creek, away from Roger Patterson's documentary camera. Most books tended to focus on Patterson, since he's the one who obtained the footage. For a time, Bob Gimlin was in the background, acknowledged by all as having been there, but assigned a more peripheral role. In recent years that has changed, due in part to the death of Patterson, as well as the Bigfoot community reaching out to Gimlin, especially in the wake of defamatory books and articles.

 All of which is to say that recently we were in the same location as Bob Gimlin, and had the chance to hear him speak about his experience, and shake the man's hand. At age 83, Mr. Gimlin is very friendly, kind, and by his own admission, hard of hearing. But most of all, he strikes me as sincere. It's hard to find the words to describe what it was like to meet someone who, at least in my conception of things, is part of history, or at the very least is part of my history; part of my thought-world and imagination, having read and daydreamed about his experience for almost thirty-five years. The best part? Having listened to his perspective and having looked him in the eye, I think he's telling the truth.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Year of Godzilla

The latest G-FAN depicts the G we're all waiting to see. It's hard to describe the excitement that's building for Legendary's film. Each day seems to bring a new TV spot or revelation online. Facebook is the locus for such information. Even better, the more that comes to light about the film, the better it looks in every respect, from special effects to acting chops. Memories of the bitter disappointment of 1998 are beginning to fade, and hopes are running high. In my estimation, Gareth Edwards and Legendary are doing everything right. On the G-FEST front, I'm happy to report that the Ifukube concert has been fully funded on Kickstarter and plans are moving forward. We are proud to be backers of this event, which may in fact become a genuine once-in-a-lifetime event. We have also been re-enlisted to organize the G-FEST Kid's Thread; there are some very special surprises in store this year which will include exclusive, limited run souvenirs. Stay Tuned! Speaking of merchandise, a tidal wave of Godzilla-related products is beginning to swell, some of which is related directly to the new movie, and some of which proceeds from the franchise in total. Of great interest to us are the numerous Blu-ray releases that are forthcoming, and, of course, the many toys that have already become available online and in select stores. Sean Linkenback's upcoming poster book will also be a welcome addition to the Monsterland Ohio Library. If you're one of our friends who still checks in here from time to time, I thank you. Chances are we will being seeing you soon. If you're new to MO, feel free to leave a comment. It is a fantastic time to be a proud Godzilla fan. You're invited to join us also on Facebook; just search for Cuyahoga Kaiju Club.