Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monster Dog Sighted at Minor League Ballpark

Some of you have been kind enough to ask how Theo is doing since we adopted him, which was mentioned in a post from December 09. The answer is: fantastic! He has been a great addition to our home, and I usually tell people that his heart is as big as his body. He is a very gentle and patient companion, unless you are slow in getting out of the house to go for a drive!

Last night our local minor league baseball team, the Lake County Captains, hosted "Bark in the Park," where dog owners are invited to bring their best friends to the game. We took full advatange of this promotion, and had a fun-filled evening, as the above photo attests.

We entered Theo in the "Biggest Dog" contest, but he lost to a Great Dane that walked in just as the contest was starting. That was fine, because Theo made a big splash during the competition, wading into a kiddie pool to get a drink. But the biggest suprise came at the end of the seventh inning, when Theo was tapped to participate in a race across the outfield with two other dogs! His opponent decided to jump on Theo's back, resulting in a crowd-pleasing collision, and for being such a good sport Theo walked away with a 22-inch rawhide bone. It was a memorable night, to say the least!

Not every day is quite like that, of course, but we couldn't be happier with our kaiju-sized pal.

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