Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Crypto-Kaiju Connection

Alleged Sasquatch foot and handprint casts

photographed at Finding Bigfoot recording near Cambridge, Ohio

It's pretty interesting when two worlds collide.

I have been a fan and highly interested devotee of both Japanese sci-fi and cryptozoology since childhood, and they recently came together again in a fascinating way.

Preeminent cryptozoologist Loren Coleman posted on his Cryptomundo blog today, reminiscing about the Toho feature "Half Human," and how it inspired him to explore the legend of the Yeti, propelling him down a path that he is still traveling. A prolific author in a variety of disciplines, Coleman's "Mysterious America" remains one of my absolute favorite books.

In his post, Coleman also references the interview he gave Brett Homenick for G-FAN magazine with regard to "Half Human" and its influence on his life's trajectory. It is gratifying to see his kind words for both Mr. Homenick and G-FAN. Could the possibility of meeting the star of this seminal film (Akira Takarada) lure Loren Coleman to G-FEST XIX this year? We'll have to wait and see. What a photo opportunity that would be!

To read Loren's Coleman's post, go here.

To see Brett Homenick's reaction to the Cryptomundo post, click here.

And yes, there is more to the story of the photo and it's caption which you see above. All will be revealed soon!

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