Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mad Scientist # 24

Inertia and general busyness prevented me from getting my hands on Mad Scientist # 24 until just last week. It is another strong issue (two articles in this issue were nominated for Rondo awards), highlighted by a "Smog Monster" retrospective and Martin Arlt's memories of G-TOUR II. I was also amazed at the article about the Scholastic Monster Movie book--I still have my copy (or to be more precise, it now proudly resides in my son's library).

It was also cool to see that in the letters section, someone really enjoyed the article I submitted for issue 22 about "The Legend of Boggy Creek." When you write and put things out there for the world to see, whether in print or on the internet, you always wonder how your work is being received--especially a blog of this nature, which is by nature whimsically esoteric. To know that there is another "Boggy Creek" fan out there who cared enough to write in to Mad Scientist is kind of miraculous...and pretty gratifying.

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