Friday, June 1, 2012

Surprises in Columbus

A quick trip to Columbus yielded some unexpected treats today. We literally stumbled upon a Japanese specialty gift store (Hana Gifts), and with minimal effort, found two Masked Rider photo books and an Ultraman board book with removable stickers!

As if that wasn't enough, while at a nearby Half Price Books, Andy spotted a CD entitled "Howl: The Grunts and Growls of all Toho Monsters" which includes a club music track peppered with kaiju roars called "Godzilla's Coming to Town." The other 48 tracks are, as advertised, grunts, growls, and sound effects from the movies you know and love. The Gargantuas, Minya, even the Meganuron from Rodan and the monsters from "Space Amoeba" are represented.

Inspired by our good fortune, we watched  "Great Decisive Battle: Super 8 Ultra Brothers" this evening and couldn't be more hyped up for G-FEST if we wanted to be! Quite a day... 

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