Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Fun Columbus!

Vintage Star Wars fans, get your drool cups out

Our friend Jason F. Williams has opened a new toy shop in Columbus, Ohio. It's called Big Fun Columbus. The Short North District will never be the same!

Ultraman and Jesus...welcome to my internal world...

BFC applies the formula of the Big Fun stores in Cleveland (not to mention Jason's Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys, formerly of Madison, Ohio) to central Ohio in a fantastic location, right on North High Street.

An interior shot of Big Fun...note the vintage lunchboxes

It will be intriguing to watch the "collection" change over time as Columbus toy geeks get acclimated to the place. Hopefully it will bring strange and unusual stuff to the surface.

Some "scores" from BFC: a Bigfoot Air Freshener and Little Godzilla!

At this point in time,  kaiju-related goods are a little thin; we walked out with our first Little Godzilla action figure. (The large Ultraman isn't for sale. There were a few Mothras, a small Red King figure, and some American Bandais to be found.) I'm sure that will change over time as word-of-mouth takes hold.

 If you are ever in downtown Columbus, Ohio, you have to have some Big Fun.

Big Fun is located at 672 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43215



  1. Wait a minute! You have a JESUS action figure?! Where? Want one! :)

    This is Alison, by the way. :)

  2. Alison, I'd gladly pick you up one the next time I'm there! Let me know--