Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Postcards from G-FEST XX: The Pickwick and Park Ridge

A happy sign of summer

This year, the G-FEST experience began more abruptly than in years past. We drove from home to the Chicago area in one day, and were up and at 'em on Thursday, itching to get to Park Ridge.

(When I say we were itching, I mean that literally...we woke up Thursday morning peppered with very itchy bites. Sue got the worst of it. We had obvious concerns about bed bugs (which we brought home once from a Columbus, Ohio hotel), but the bites didn't fit the profile. I'm fairly certain that we had gotten nailed by a biting fly that was buzzing around home just before we left. It wasn't a big deal, but it was a deal. These really hurt. Fortunately, the immersive experience that is G-FEST took our minds off of the discomfort most of the time.)

As I was saying, we got to Park Ridge early, in order to hit Trader Joes and to take in the annual "Taste of Park Ridge" sidewalk sale that has coincided with G-FEST for a number of years running. (It makes for some minor parking headaches, but we've got our "secret" spots that are almost always available.) I'm glad we arrived when we did, because the Pickwick Theater had a stack of two-sided movie posters on a table, and Andy and I were able to score this Pacific Rim poster for the whopping price of $4.00. It'll cost 6 times that much to get it framed, but it will be worth every penny, and more importantly, it was one of those cool "lucky" moments that G-FEST memories are made of.

Our $4 Pickwick Pacific Rim Poster

From the Pickwick Box Office
They weren't kidding about the projector.
More on that later.

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