Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 is here, and there is much excitement in the Godzilla fan community over the leaks and updates surrounding Legendary's film, which hits theaters in a mere four months and nine days.
One hopes that there will be a wave of merchandise and kaiju-related products that will hit the market, in similar fashion to the wave that accompanied Tristar's Godzilla. Some photographs have surfaced online of apparently official prototypes, but they may reflect works in progress as opposed to finished products.
We had a good Christmas here at Monsterland Ohio. The kaiju highlight is pictured above. We presented Grampy with his own framed picture of Godzilla 2000, signed by this past year's G-FEST guests. I received the Johnny Sokko DVD box set and Andy was given a number of issues of Marvel Comics' Godzilla series, including the first. We also supplemented our Marvel Masterworks' "Tales to Astonish" collection, which we sort of "backed into" via the G-FEST Dealers Room last year.
Speaking of which, we have made our registrations for G-FEST XXI. No word on guests or movies yet. After a one-year hiatus my folks will be joining us again, so there is much to anticipate.
The Year of Godzilla is here! Hope yours is happy and fulfilling.

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