Friday, June 12, 2015

MO Radio Status Report

Andy and I do our podcast, "Monsterland Ohio Radio," strictly for the fun of it. It is enough for us that a handful of people seem to enjoy listening to us goof off. But lately, some cool stuff has happened that is worth mentioning. Being involved in 'monster fandom' has consistently enriched our lives, and doing this podcast is no exception.

Things really took off after the release of our Ohio Bigfoot Conference episode. Fellow podcaster Shannon LeGro took to Facebook to raise awareness about our show. The result was a huge spike in downloads and listeners. The OBC episode would also be linked at the world-renowned Cryptomundo blog, which was surreal, to say the least. On the strength of these boosts, we made it as high as #4 in the TV/Film category on (our host site, which creates rankings based on plays, downloads, embeds, etc.) and #249 overall. OBC became our most listened-to show in about a week's time.

As if that wasn't amazing enough, "Monsterland Ohio Radio" was then featured at, along with a photo of Andy with "Creature from the Black Lagoon"'s Julie Adams. Monster Bash News provides updates on Pittsburgh's Monster Bash Conference as well as new products available from Creepy Classics.

Our next episode, "Summer Convention Preview," failed to match the crazy numbers of OBC, but still revealed we had picked up a number of 'subscribers,' or people who would immediately receive a downloaded show whenever we post one. Even though the episode is just the two of us talking about what we're going to do this summer, it is now in our top 5 most popular shows.

Then came "Minerva Monster Day." Our recap of the festival celebrating the Small Town Monsters film brought in the biggest one-day total of plays and downloads in our history, and within 48 hours of its release became our second most listened-to program. We climbed back into the top 20 in Podomatic's TV/Film list, and once again found ourselves linked up at To be candid, we're not sure what to make of it all, but we appreciate everyone who has given us a listen. 

With both Monster Bash and G-FEST in our immediate future, we're anticipating some pretty special episodes to come. There are some other things in the works that would be fairly major for our "little podcast that could."

If you've listened to "Monsterland Ohio Radio," we thank you for your time and attention. We'll do our best to exceed your expectations. The response to MO Radio has already exceeded ours.

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