Friday, February 19, 2016

Episode 32 Behind the Scenes

Setting up the Yeti at Fishers Pub

We finally got Seth Breedlove on Monsterland Ohio Radio. Seth is responsible for getting us into podcasting, inviting me to guest on his former show Ancillary Characters to talk about--what else--Godzilla.

Not long after that we joined forces to produce SasWhat: a Show about Bigfoot. At the same time, Andy and I hatched Monsterland Ohio Radio. 

Seth is the driving force behind Small Town Monsters, an indie production company that makes movies about cryptids and the people who encounter them. First came "Minerva Monster," with "Beast of Whitehall" being released this April and "Boggy Creek Monster" going into production shortly thereafter. As you'll hear in the episode, there is still time to back "Boggy" on Kickstarter.

We had a great time recording with Seth at Fisher's Restaurant and Pub in Peninsula Ohio. If you go, try the Eggplant Fries. You're welcome.

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