Wednesday, July 20, 2016


The marquee of the Pickwick

G-FEST is a family affair

The jewel of Park Ridge--the Pickwick

Like I said, G-FEST is a family affair

Movie Sign!

Andy with G-Fantis, G-FEST's kaiju mascot

Incredible Creativity in Minya's Place

Opening Ceremonies
L to R: Akira Takarada, Hiroko Sakurai, Bin Furuya, Yoshikazu Ishii, J.D. Lees

Post-Interview Photo with J.D. Lees, creator of G-FAN & G-FEST

The Godfather of G-FEST, Akira Takarada

Ultraman's own Fuji, Hiroko Sakurai

King Kong Escapes' Linda Miller

Dealers Room Toybox Treasures

Hiroshi Sagae sporting his Monsterland Ohio tee

Our pal Mike Field and Akira Takarada

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