Monday, July 27, 2009

Now Playing: Half Human, Ultraman, and Red Baron

"Half Human" is a hidden Toho gem, a superbly crafted Yeti picture directed by renowned director Ishiro Honda. The American scenes, clumsily inserted into the story, only serve to show how well done the original Japanese production is. I mean, it's the creative team of Godzilla 1954 presenting a father/son Yeti story! Count me in! "Half Human" hereby moves into heavy rotation in our household.

The Ultraman episode "Cry of the Mummy" features a creepy alien mummy (!) and one of the more unusual monsters of the series, the dragon-horse Dodongo. "Cry of the Mummy" earn cool points for revealing how Ultraman transforms back into human Hayata. It earns double cool points for the appearance of Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Serizawa in Godzilla 1954) as a scientific consultant, who would occasionally collaborate with the Science Patrol.

Super Robot Red Baron's "The Three Robot Brothers of the Iron Alliance" offers a heartbreaking double-cross AND villians wearing silver-painted Frankenstein masks. What's not to love?

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