Thursday, July 30, 2009

G-Fest Day Two: A Handshake with Mr. Sahara

Before I go any further, I would like to gratefully acknowledge my wife Sue for her willing assistance throughout G-Fest 16. Whether it was running Dealer's Room treasures up to our room, going off-site to get us food, or just enduring a non-stop barrage of kaiju craziness, she was the ultimate trooper. (And if there was any eye-rolling, I didn't see it--just kiddin', sweetie!)

With minds still blown from the Dealer's Room, we found a place at the Opening Ceremonies. At that time, J. D. lees introduced the guest of honor, Mr. Kenji Sahara. What an incredible sensation it was to see Mr. Sahara in person! Consider his resume: Thirteen Godzilla movies alone (including the "bookends" of the series, Godzilla (1954) and Godzilla: Final Wars), as well as starring turns in Rodan and The Mysterians. In addition, Mr. Sahara was one of the leads in Ultra Q, the television program that preceded Ultraman, and has appeared in several Ultra-series. Most recently he served as a t.v. news commentator in Great Decisive Battle: Super 8 Ultra Brothers.

A great highlight reel had been assembled, showcasing Mr. Sahara in many of these roles. Then, after making some comments through an interpreter, he made his way down the center aisle, right by our seats. With minimal cajoling, Andy walked right up to Mr. Sahara with a big smile on his face and respectfully shook hands with the dignified actor, who was also beaming. In a weekend filled with incredible happenings, that moment will likely stand as our most touching G-Fest memory. I hope Mr. Sahara takes my son's smile home with him as an emblem of all the enjoyment his work has brought to young (and young-at-heart) fans throughout the world.

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  1. How cool is that! Take note George Takai. This is how a legendary Japaneze Sci Fi actor is supposed to conduct themselves.