Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Countdown to Halloween: Day Twenty--Weirdly Wonderful Book Club

"Bigfoot" by B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry is one of the most bizarre studies of the subject ever written, and that's saying something. It eschews Bigfoot cliches and over-reported incidents in favor of exceedingly strange original encounters, some of which directly involve co-author Alan Berry. Published in 1976, there is an "anything goes" quality to this book: nothing is too odd to be included, whether it is a psychic conversation with Sasquatch, Bigfoot-as-UFO-occupant speculation, reports of a twelve-foot-tall (!) truck-chasing monster, suspicious "men in black" appearances at cabin doors or subterranean "factory sounds" in the Sierra Nevadas. Entertaining and often genuinely eerie, "Bigfoot" is a unique entry in the annals of Sasquatch literature.

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