Monday, October 5, 2009

G-FAN # 89 Has Arrived!

The latest issue of G-FAN came in Saturday's mail. Thanks to Brett Homenick's blog, I knew what to expect. But I'm still not over the shock of seeing my writing in my favorite magazine.
I submitted three articles over the past several months: a review of the recent Monster X Strikes Back; reviews of the two latest Ultraman theatrical releases; and a bit of fan fiction in which a monster attack (on Cleveland) is reported via To my surprise, all three made it into this issue.
Five months ago I would've never predicted that I would be published in G-FAN. What inspired me was the creativity I saw at G-FEST 16. The seed of what would become the "twitter story" started to grow the last morning of G-FEST, and that opened the floodgates, resulting in two more articles and the birth of this blog. (It may interest you to know that I wrote the "twitter story" on my cell phone, whenever I had time--a large chunk of it was composed in a nursing home, while I was waiting to visit an elderly friend!) Along the way, other G-FAN writers have been very cordial and encouraging with their comments, and I truly appreciate their kindness.
Unlike so many of the great contributors to G-FAN, I have no specialized knowledge of the G-universe or connections to those who have made these wonderful films. I'm just a fan, with a sincere affection for the realms of Japanese sci-fi and fantasy. I hope that the enjoyment I derive from this genre translates into enjoyment on the part of the reader!


  1. I hope you'll post a review once you've read the issue in more detail.

  2. I will, Brett--I think I've got to re-read the thing once more because it really is jam-packed with good stuff.