Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preparations Completed for Perry Public Library "Project G"

The Perry Public Library in Perry, Ohio has a large display case in its children's section that houses various collections on a monthly basis. Andy reserved the case for the month of November and is going to share his Godzilla collection with Lake County!
Our preparation began by going through issues of G-FAN magazine and selecting artwork that we wanted to include as the backdrop of the collection. That activity was fun in and of itself!
Next, Andy chose which figures and memorabilia he was going to include in the display case. He decided to include Kenji Sahara's autograph that he got at this summer's G-FEST, with a note describing Mr. Sahara's career.
We are all set. Tonight we get to go to the library and set everything up. We both hope that people enjoy what they see. We also hope that they might want to find out more about Godzilla and G-FAN magazine!


  1. Now this is awesome. Hope to get more pictures once everything is set up! Not to mention this is being done on the Big G's birthday...

  2. Thanks! More photos are soon to come...