Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Visit with Kaiju Modeler

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Ohio's own Kaiju Modeler, Matt Evangelista. We invited him via e-mail to come check out Andy's G-Mazing Collection at the Perry Public Library, and he accepted! What added to the fun was that Matt offered to bring in some of his completed models for inclusion in the G-Mazing Collection. He brought an awesome "Son of Godzilla" diorama, a menacing Godzilla 1954 (complete with train in mouth--see below) and a exceptional Godzilla 1984. Andy eagerly made room for them in the display case.

We spent the better part of an hour talking about all things Godzilla. Matt gave us a crash course in model-building technique and he's got us pretty much hooked on the idea of trying our hand at it (plus now we've got an expert to consult!). We had such a good time that later the comment was made that it was like our own mini-G-FEST. (Interestingly, we had to meet Matt at G-FEST 16 (in Chicago) in order to find out he lives less than twenty miles away from us in Northeast Ohio!)
Not only was Matt generous with his time and personal collection, but he also brought Andy some extraordinary G-gifts, including two copies of Hobby Japan magazine that have become quickly absorbed and have given new meaning to the phrase, "Christmas Wish List." We'd like to sincerely thank Matt for his unexpected kindness. Like Andy said, "We've got a new G-friend." You couldn't ask for a cooler Thanksgiving gift.
More great photos of Matt's work will be submitted to G-FAN magazine along with an article about the G-Mazing Collection's November run at the library. Those shots will eventually surface here, too.
Click the "Kaiju Modeler" link in the right-hand column for a look at some great models Matt has to offer.

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