Monday, August 16, 2010

From the Toybox...

In a prior post I referred to a few wish list items we were on the hunt for at G-FEST...well, this is one of them. We are big Mechanikong guys, and were determined to add the robotic gorilla to the collection. I believe this was purchased from James Bond (yes, that's really his name) at Radioactive Toys. It is a 1991 Bandai, and it is almost impossible to look at him without hearing a little "bee-bee-bee-beep-beep" emanating from within!


  1. Nice. I also have this figure and KKE is one of my favorites. Some days I even like Mechanikong more than Mechagodzilla.

  2. That is one scenario that I would love to see--the two Mechas squaring off against one another. Mechanikong might need some updated hardware, though!

    KKE is too much fun. I always thought "Element X" would be a great name for a band.