Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Spaceman Floyd" Lands in Madison, Ohio

The sign that caught our eyes in the heart of Madison Village
Have you ever stumbled across something so great that you can't quite believe that it is true? That is our reaction to the discovery of a new toy shop in nearby Madison. "Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys" offers new and vintage collectibles, with a concentration on horror, sci-fi and fantasy. Jason F. Williams, the proprietor, told us that one of the first names he considered for the store was "Godzooky's," but ultimately decided the reference might be just a little too obscure.

Do you dare to learn the secret of the Fly? We did!

Cleveland area toy geeks will be reminded of both "Big Fun" locations the moment they walk into "Spaceman Floyd's," with good reason; Jason was with "Big Fun" for nearly ten years. Just like at "Big Fun," it takes some time to stop being overwhelmed and to start being able to concentrate, but once you get your wits about you, you notice that there is little in the way of cutesy ephemera. "Spaceman Floyd's" is all about the toys.

Hey...looks like home! Both loose and carded vintage Star Wars on display

Star Wars, Transformers, Universal Monsters, Shogun Warriors, Masters of the Universe, Marvel and DC Comics are all well represented, with new items being added daily. Best of all, from our perspective, there is no lack of Godzilla and other kaiju from which to choose. Bandai, Trendmasters, and even Far East Monsters merchandise is on hand, and kaiju flicks are available in various formats. Last Friday, Jason kindly screened "King Kong vs. Godzilla" while we were there.

Andy and Jason are all smiles on a Friday afternoon

"Spaceman Floyd's" is making a concerted effort to enagage the surrounding community--a magician entertained at the store this past weekend--and the possibility exists of holding both Halloween and Godzilla-themed events in the future. To my knowledge, there is nothing else like "Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys" in Lake County. You've got to see it (a couple times) to believe it!

Here's some cool stuff that came home with us from S.F.C.T.

Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys buys and sells vintage toys from the 1960's to today. The shop is located at 46 West Main Street in Madison, Ohio (44057).

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  1. I found your shop very interesting But as a small time collector of Godzilla figures I may even be able to fascinate you as well. If you re still in operation send me your email address and i will send you some pics of items i acquired over the years since i was in me teens. sturjin1959@yahoo.com is my address.