Monday, September 13, 2010

Godzillapalooza at Spaceman Floyd's

The exceptional model-making skills of Matt Evangelista are currently featured in a one-of-a-kind display at Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys, 46 West Main Street, Madison, Ohio. One doubts that a kaiju exhibit of this caliber has ever been staged in North America outside of a G-FEST. Godzilla and "garage kit" model enthusiasts within driving distance of northeast Ohio are strongly urged to make the trip to Madison's new vintage toy store to see these phenomenal figures.

As you can see, Andy was invited to participate in setting up the display, to the extent that Geneva's Kaiju Modeler gave Andy creative control of the location and position of the monstrous models. Andy especially enjoyed putting each individual bomb on Mechanikong's belt. Stretching the boundaries of credulity, this was the second display that he was involved in setting up that day--the first was a case we arranged for Spaceman Floyd's at the Perry Public Library!

Take advantage of this opportunity if you are able--you will not be disappointed. It is far more likely you will be astounded and delighted. But do not delay--a Christmas-themed window will likely appear in mid-to-late November, so catch the kaiju while you can!

Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys is open Monday--Saturday, noon to eight.

Andy, Matt, and Jason survey a job well done--come check it out!

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