Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jack Kirby Kaiju (?)

I forget how I ended up with a copy of Marvel Comics' "Devil Dinosaur," but it was around the same magic time that their Godzilla series was being issued. As a kid, all I knew is it had a big red dinosaur as the main character, and that's all it took.

However, the great surprise of the first issue I got my hands on really was twofold: (1) not only were there dinos and cavemen, but there were also robot/aliens from the future and (2) I loved the way the art looked. What I didn't know at the time was that I was getting hooked on Jack Kirby. It was just totally unlike anything I had seen before.

Fast forward to the present, when I am just now finding out that there was a "Devil Dinosaur Omnibus," a hardcover, full-cover collection of the whole nine-issue run. Bad news was it was going for nearly a hundred bucks on eBay. Good news was a Half Price Books in Houston had it for far, far less, and now it's become part of the MO library. All I need is a pack of Bubble Yum and I will truly be seven years old again. I love the Internet.

Kirby got to a point in this series where he started doing these two-page spreads that are nothing short of works of art. If you even just like Kirby, you've got to see them. It's amazing to me what he put into these pages. His was a singular talent, and I sure enjoy his unique vision.


  1. Hey Mike,
    Did you check out the "Special thanks" section of the book's credits?

  2. Wow! There you are, Martin! If you don't mind my asking, for what were you being thanked? I really dig this collection.

  3. I provided scans of a couple of pages of the original art from my collection.

  4. Very nice. Thanks for checking in!