Sunday, January 8, 2012

Return to Cosmic Toyland

Minifigs on Parade

Christmas Break afforded us the chance to return our favorite toy store, the one and only Spaceman Floyd's Cosmic Toys in Madison, Ohio. We were happy to find the place populated by a steady stream of customers with the Spaceman himself on the bridge.

The kaiju checkout shelf

Specializing in vintage toys of all types, Spaceman Floyd's has much more to offer, including books and periodicals (such as back issues of The Monster Times), model kits, board games, posters, postcards, video game systems, and more that I'm probably forgetting. Without a doubt, SFCT is the kaiju capital of Lake County, with many collectibles lining the shelves (especially for the discerning vinylphile).

Spaceman Floyd and Captain Andy

Andy adds: "It was fun! I am glad to see that it has exploded in Spaceman Floyd's. I remember seeing the front window, with the battle scene on Hoth and a LEGO Sandcrawler. I got a Lord of the Rings Prologue Elven Warrior action figure. I like Spaceman Floyd's because of all of the action figures."

Shelf after Shelf of Toybiz LOTR figures

It was great to be back, if only for an hour or two. For the record, Spaceman Floyd's is the only vintage toy store at which the owner has ever offered me an orange (I accepted). It's just that kind of place.

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