Wednesday, July 25, 2012

G-FEST XIX: Kaiju U. "Grampy's First G-FEST"

Between Thursday's Flicks

     G-FEST XIX was special for many reasons, but none so special as having my dad on hand all weekend. He had heard us recount the previous three G-FESTs, and finally decided to experience the fun for himself.

     His first taste began upon check-in at the hotel, as he was sporting the above GMK t-shirt. Those who were there for G-FEST noticed his wise sartorial choice, and helped him feel "in the know." Then came the double-double feature and his first exposure to the Pickwick Theater (and our first chance to enjoy the brand new rocker seats). It should also be mentioned that my mom stayed for all four movies on Thursday too--what a trooper!

Friday morning brought with it the opportunity to give Grampy his first exposure to the tokasatsu room, where dreams of making one's own daikaiju movie come true. It was pretty neat to see his eyes get wide at the scope of the production and the detail of the costumes. His verbal reaction: "I could stay here all morning." This was a very good sign.

     But I believe the deal was truly sealed when he attended Tim Price's 8mm movie-thon on Friday afternoon. Not even the lure of the opening of the Dealer's Room could pry him away from seeing 8mm versions of "Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot," "Varan the Unbelievable," "Destroy All Monsters," and more. When we met up afterwards, I could tell he was not just participating; he was into it. And it wasn't even time for the special guests to be introduced.

     Dad took me to see "Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster" and "Godzilla on Monster Island" (known as "G. vs. Mechagodzilla" and "G. vs. Gigan" today) back in the late seventies when we lived in the Detroit area; having him with me at G-FEST XIX was a "full-circle" thing that words fail to totally capture.

     And I'm happy to say that his intially cool reaction to the Dealer's Room was broken Sunday afternoon with the discovery of gashopon (capsule toys). I was starting to worry.

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