Friday, July 27, 2012


Andy was given a unique task on Friday. After checking in at the "G-Fans Helping G-Fans" table, our first-ever G-pal and charitable giving organizer Dave Nunes offered Andy the chance to wear the only kid's sized "G-Fans Helping G-Fans" t-shirt in existence as a way of raising awareness for the adult t-shirt raffle. As you can see, Andy happily complied. "G-Fans Helping G-Fans" is one of the the most meaningful elements of G-FEST, in which funds are raised to assist families dealing with autism (and other medical conditions). It's fun to try to win stuff, but win or lose, it is good to be part of something altruistic. I'm not sure other such conventions create an opportunity like this.

And then it was time for the Dealer's Room to open. We used our volunteers-only early entry pass to good advantage (G-FESTers, take note: there are definite benefits for volunteering!) by securing the first three autograph tickets for Sunday. We also were able to say a quick hello to our friend and Cuyahoga Kaiju Club co-founder Tom Tvrdik, as well as our pal Matt Evangelista, the Kaiju Modeler himself. The Gorosaurus you see here is his handiwork.

There's nothing that compares to the sensory overload of the G-FEST Dealers' Room. Even for those who are being careful with their cash, there is so much to look at; so much to absorb and process, that it takes multiple trips through the store to really see what you're seeing. Even then, you have to act fast, as you may come across something you will never encounter again, at least here in the U.S. We were fortunate in our first foray to snag an in-box Ultraseven pull-string figure for an extremely reasonable price. (Yes, those can be found in the Dealers' Room, for those blessed with patience and a little luck.) Friday at G-FEST is so great, because the party is just getting started!

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