Sunday, August 2, 2009

G-Fest Day Two: Back to the Pickwick

Sue came with us to the Friday night screening of The Mysterians. I am learning just how much these movies were made to be seen on a real movie screen--and The Mysterians is a good case in point. It was introduced by its star, Mr. Kenji Sahara, who revealed that he and co-star Akhiko Hirata, in friendly rivalry, pushed each other to do their best in their respective roles.
There are so many winning elements to The Mysterians that it is tough to be complete. Most memorable for me is Moguera's all-too-brief rampage and the Mysterians' "request" for earth women (with a specific short list to get things started). Of course there is also the appearance of the iconic Markalite ray machines; Ifukube's score; one could ramble on and on. The creativity on display was a delight to behold.

It must be said that taking in a G-Fest film at the Pickwick is just flat-out fun. You know you're among kindred spirits when the Toho logo appears on the screen and the crowd breaks out in enthusiastic applause!

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  1. The only way that the fans applause could've been more enthusiastic were if the sequel for Godzilla 98 with Mathew Broderick been shown. I've been waiting 11 painful years for the follow up to that modern day classic of the tuna eating Godzilla. How much longer must I suffer. Save Ferris! More like save Godzilla 98!