Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Godzilla at the Geauga County Fair

Here at Monsterland Ohio we pride ourselves on keeping an eye out for kaiju in everyday life, but even we were surprised to run across Godzilla at the county fair!

Even though we don't live in Geauga County, we've been attending their fair for about nine years. Since Andy came along, our favorite display is found in the Fine Arts building, where along with tons of cool Lego creations and action figure collections, there are paintings, drawings, photography, woodworking, and sculpting.
We had just walked in and started to look
around when Andy pointed to a glass-enclosed case with a look of great excitement crossing his face. Sure enough, there was a
originally designed Godzilla looking back at us! The figure stood about seven inches tall, and appeared to be modeled after the suit used in Terror of Mechagodzilla. The texture of the "skin" looked just right. Not only were we thrilled to have spotted the Big G at our humble local fair, but as we drew closer we saw that he had earned first place in the ceramics division! Congratulations to Moises R. Carrasco of Hudson, Ohio for his prize-winning entry--and here's hoping that many more G-Fans will be able to enjoy his work. It certainly made our evening at the fair extra memorable!

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