Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toybox Treasures: Straight from Japan

Yesterday was an exciting mail day: the postman brought not one but two packages from Japan! (Thanks again, eBay!) The first, that you see above, is a gashapon (capsule toy) Mechagodzilla
that stands a whopping 1.5" tall, but is so detailed that he has the "MG" on his shoulder! His arms swivel so you can position him to fire finger missles at other tiny opponents.
Below you see "wounded wing" Rodan (see the crack?), a Bandai reissue of the classic Bullmark design. I knew about the damage ahead of time, but could not pass up the opportunity to own one of these beauties. (The price was really right.) The figure was carefully wrapped in a Japanese newspaper, which held a fascination of its own. Included with the figure was a nice note from the seller, which said, "As a Japanese, I truly appreciate you are interested in Japanese Kaiju items. Thank you again very much!" To which my son said, "Wow! We have Japanese friends now!" That's a nice thought to have...and is part of the fun of being a fan.

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