Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Definitive Word on Ultra Q

The other day I was surfing the 'net and I ended up at the official Tsuburaya Productions Website. I was pleased to discover that they have an English page; not quite as pleased (but still amused) to find it reported the air times of Ultraman programs being shown around the world...and that's about it. However, they did have a "contact us" e-mail address...so this is what I wrote...

Greetings! My son and I love Ultraman! This summer we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Kenji Sahara at G-Fest 16 in Chicago. Could you tell me if Ultra Q will ever be released on DVD in the United States? If it is, I promise to buy
it! Thank you.

Well, I figured that was it--I had sent my little missive out, and that would be the end of it. So imagine my surprise when I checked my e-mail and saw:


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we do not have any plans of releasing Ultra Q in the United States.

Best Regards,

International Business Affairs

So there you have it: the definitive word on an American release of Ultra Q--the word is "no." Nuts.

But I must admit it was pretty cool to see TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS in my Inbox!

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