Monday, August 3, 2009

G-Fan Magazine # 77: "Ultra Cool"

It has been pretty Ultracentric around these parts lately--so what better time to review G-Fan #77, which includes 20 pages of coverage of "our hero, Ultraman"?
Issue 77 starts strong with an incredibly detailed (almost play-by-play) account of the making of Godzilla-Tokyo S.O.S.
Brett Homenick clocks in with four interviews of dubbing/voiceover actors and the results are of great interest to anyone who has ever wondered about that infamous process.
The centerpiece of the issue is the Ultraman 40th anniversary section, with a comprehensive and intelligent consideration of "new school" Ultra series by Robert Hood. Supplementing his article is a treasure trove of photos that help put a name with an Ultra-face.
The recap of G-Fest 13 was enjoyable (moreso now that we've been to one) and the G-Fantis comic is one of my son's favorites. I would be remiss if I did not mention Steve Agin's pulse-pounding collectibles column, illustrated in glorious full color, and another one of Armand Vacquer's insightful "kaiju geography" pieces.
G-Fan #77 is not just a great issue, but for my son and me it has become a valuable reference tool in our ongoing quest for Ultra-fun.

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  1. Must get G-Fan Magazine!! My three minutes are running out!