Wednesday, August 5, 2009

G-Fan Magazine # 36 "Monsters & MST3K"

Issue 36 is a time capsule of sorts: the G-Mail section is heavy on Deanzilla (pro and con); new VHS releases are being touted; and there is an entire article devoted to Mystery Science Theater 3000. I have very happy memories of watching MST3K with my dad during the show's heyday (it was "appointment viewing" for us before the phrase was coined) and the enjoyment was multiplied whenever the Satellite of Love received an honest-to-goodness monster movie. (Whether or not a film like Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster qualifies as "cheesy" is a matter of valid debate--and it also falls outside the scope of this review.) I always felt the MSTies took an affectionate (rather than a derisive) approach to the movies it roasted, and the article herein seemed to support my point of view. I mean, if the Gamera song that Joel and the 'bots come up with doesn't make you at least chuckle, you and I probably wouldn't get along very well. Also included in Issue 36 is a "you are there" report from the set of Gamera 3 and a thorough analysis of the "Powers of Godzilla" by G-Fan editor and publisher J.D. Lees. Of great interest to the literary-minded: the letters section features an in-depth description of the origin and writing process of Random House's "Official Godzilla Compendium." The abundance of fan art, as well as two well-reasoned CD reviews, help make this an issue that encourages repeat reading.


  1. This is the first issue of G-FAN I ever saw and bought. Saw it at Tower Records in Studio City. The rest, as they say, is history!

  2. Thanks, Armand! I "discovered" G-FAN when I checked out a copy of Sean Linkenback's "Unauthorized Guide..." from a nearby library. That led to back issues, which led to a subscription...

  3. If MST really wants to roast a Godzilla movie they really should review Godzilla 98. However, the main character would probably take his robot pals and bash in his head to escape the torment and then you don't have a show anymore.