Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kaiju (Books) Sighted in Cleveland!

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Public Library boasts a staggering collection of every type of media. We decided to search for monster movie-related material, with an eye for Godzilla and friends. We were not disappointed. Once we found the appropriate section (...not used to Library of Congress catalogue...more of a Dewey system guy...) our choices were many, especially in terms of all monster/horror/scifi cinema. But here's what we found specifically: The CPL carries three copies of David Kalat's "A Critical Filmography...", two copies each of Steve Ryfle's "Japan's Biggest Mon-star" and William Tsutsui's "Godzilla on My Mind", and single copies of William Schoell's "Creature Features" (a big disappointment--in the dedication he calls Ghidrah the Three-Headed Monster both "awful" and "atrocious"(!)), a quirky self-published tome called "Giant Monster Movies" by Robert Marrero, and, the "find" of the day, Donald Glut's "Classic Movie Monsters," with excellent chapters on King Kong and Godzilla. The CPL is a great destination for kaiju readers! What's at your library?

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  1. Godzilla related materials at Detroit area libraies are severly lacking. I'm sorry that Godzilla isn't some biscpeckled Teen wizard or some romantic vampire. Give him some respect or he may do some serious remodeling of the city if you know what I mean